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ok wow srry everyone



I am discontinuing dans regimen. yes i know that almost 1 month is not even close to long enough to see results and i know that it does get better before it gets worse bbut i can't take it any more. its been almost a month and my face is covered in pimples, my skin hasn't been this bad in half a year. im going back to using the clinique acne solutions kit(also uses 2.5%bp) which was what cleared my face a while back, idk why i ever stopped but ya sorry anyone who may have been keeping up with this and sorry dan because i know it was my fault this didn't work(didn't give it enough time) but whatever, im getting so many negative comments lately going back to scholl and all and ya. ok peace.

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I'm currently using the UK's version of clinque acne solutions called anti blemish solutions and its clearing me up nicely and im only 2.5 weeks in. Hope it works again for you!! x

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