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New Year's resolution, my path to finally being healthy.



I'm not sure why I've decided to use Acne.org as my blog spot. Maybe it's because I don't know anyone that uses this website and I can keep my blog somewhat private. I actually don't have a problem with acne anymore, if anyone wants to know my secret just ask :redface: My main reason for starting a blog is to vent my daily frustrations, and to hopefully keep myself motivated during this process, of getting healthy again.

As I have many times in the past and now once again, I have totally dropped the ball on my health. I will now once again try and get back to being what I would love call myself as

"one sexy,sassy,bitch!!" I'm newly married, but sometimes forget that I'm married. And I want to prepare myself physically for getting older and hopefully starting a family one day. Along with the goal of becoming toned and healthy I want to learn to control spending habits, and my disgusting habit of picking my cuticles. Is is the most horrible habit anyone could have!! I sometimes pick them till they bleed and sometimes don't even know I'm doing it. So GROSS!!!

Here are my stats?? Not sure what I should call them, I'm 30 yrs old and the last time I weighed myself I was at a whopping, 147lbs!!! I'm also 5'4"...average woman you might say, although I carry it well I call myself well proportioned. I have a hour glass figure. :redface: but in my eyes I look somewhat like this fat cat dancing. My plan is to start excercising again...and then hopefully start eating healthier again.

This is all so frustrating....I always feel so alone in the process of getting back into a routine. My friends are so lazy, my husband has absolutely no interest in working out with me...as most husbands probably feel. It's always just little old me, motivating myself. I would love to have a walking buddy, or even someone to go to the gym with. Ok, enough whining!!!

Goal #1 make that first step to getting back on the excercising wagon!!

Now what should I do with the two gallons of Ice cream I just bought :D


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