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Day 1 is underway

Ryan C


So my skin is soft and smooth again (yay!). I applied about a half pump of BP tonight. I'm going to start off with an every night application. After the dryness hits and subsides I'm going to start doing a half pump twice a day. I'm pretty sure the pump I have dispenses the correct amount (it's not one of the big round ones). I'm using all of the acne.org products, and I'm going to try and lay off of the jojoba oil for awhile.

Skin Status: 3 pustules, one on chin area about a 1/4 inch below my lip two on my jawline, both on the right side of my face. 1 papule in the crease of my chin on the left side of my face. Several blackheads on my nose still :redface:. PIH mostly along chin area and jawline (mostly on the right side of my face) with maybe 3 or 4 PIH marks scattered here and there on my cheekbones.


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