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the roller coaster that is....



another update, must be getting close to 3 months now, possibly even past it.

Iv named this entry 'the roller coaster' due to the fact that so far my retin a experience has been like one. By this i mean that the second things start to be looking up, and my skin looks clearer, it suddenly gets worse than ever. Its like my body is saying to itself 'ooh hang on a second, his skin is clearing up, better give him another break out!'

this week, its now sunday, i really did think that retin a was finally having a real impact, in that my skin was looking super clear. Now though its not looking so good. The interesting thing is that i began the retin a course with my cheeks being by far the most affected area. Now though my cheeks seem good, its my jaw line and either side of my chin thats taking a hit. Also on my cheek bones near my temple either side of my face seems popular at the minute too. Anyway, the big question i have in this post is - how long do you stay on retin a for without any signs of affect??

As iv said, it has been possibly just under, but im pretty sure over 3 months now. My doc first told me i should see affects after 1 month. hmmm

So if my skin isnt clear after 3 months, is retin a right for me?

Id also like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has posted so far, i really appreciate anything that anyone can offer

Thanks guys


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