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No dairy - 2 month update



It's about that time of the month again. Time for an update on the dairy-free diet.

It's hard to say whether cutting dairy out of my diet has had any noteworthy effect on my skin. My overall skin situation seems to have improved somewhat in the past couple of months. Acne breakouts aren't as bad or as frequent, and the redness that follows a breakout seems to disappear faster. But honestly I'm taking so many supplements and anti-acne foods right now that I can't pinpoint which thing or things are giving me results. Oh, and not eating dairy really sucks. I've lost 10 pounds in the past two months.

I'll make a post soon giving a rundown of my current regimen listing all of the supplements I'm taking and all of the diet changes I've made, as well as my plans for what I'm going to be trying out next.


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I want to cut dairy out of my diet as well, but I don't know what do do to substitute it :/ What are you doing to get the necessary vitamins that dairy gives us? :- I don't know if that question makes sense...

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I went with almond milk as my substitute for cow's milk. I'm no expert on milk nutrition, but when I compare the labels of almond milk and cow's milk, I see nutrient content that is roughly equal. Protein is the only thing that is relatively lacking in almond milk, but I get plenty of protein in my diet from sources like eggs and protein shakes.If you generally follow a healthy, well-balanced diet then I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of dairy causing any nutrient deficiencies. Besides, you can always use supplements or find alternative food sources to make up for a lack of any specific vitamins.

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