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Accutane day 52



I'm almost done with month 2 on accutane (40 mg daily amnesteem) and things are going much better. My face is still breaking out but it heals so quickly that it's not really a big deal. Even though I still have to wear makeup, my skin is looking much smoother and it feels really soft. I hate being so pale so I recently bought jergens face lotion with a gradual self tanner. Normally I would hate putting something like that on my face, but it's soooo dry that it just soaks the lotion right up. I had to go get new glasses because my eyes are so dry I can't wear my contacts for long. My skin isn't red or burning at all any more and it doesn't bother me to be out in warm weather.

If you are at the beginning of your accutane treatment, hang in there! For the first month I was so miserable I didn't want to continue taking it, but things get much better. Your body sort of gets used to the drug and the side effects diminish while your skin improves every day. It just takes a while to get to a point where the positive side effects outweigh the negative!


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