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Week 12 Day 3



Hey everyone,

It's been 3 days on the BHA/AHA and nearly a week with just putting a small amount of BP on my cheeks. So far so good. No terrible breaking out from BP withdrawal- in fact, none at all save for a little zit on my left cheek but it was a clogged pore that was there for like the last two months or something so I thnk the AHA/BHA is finally clearing it out. Old zits seem to be healing nicely.

It's only been three days though, so I will continue to monitor my progress. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up too high even though at this point it seems promising, especially since my skin feels so soft but I desperately want this to be my miracle product that keeps my skin clear and gets rid of my PIH. Sigh. But obviously only time will tell and I can only be patient and wait. Especially since I'm going on another backpacking trip at the end of this year. The last two I've been on have wrecked absolute havoc on my skin. But then again, I wasn't armed with BP and exfoliating agents. I promise to use them faithfully even if it means I have to do it on a public bus and I promise not to wear any makeup. Skin, please don't break out!!

In other news, now that I've stopped with the copious amounts of BP I find that I can use half a pump of Dan's moisturizer in the morning and two pea-sized globs of Cetaphil at night and keep my skin happy and flake free. Which is great because firstly, I don't need to use so much product and secondly, I don't need to stand under the fan hoping that it will make the stuff dry faster. But then again, I do live in a hot and humid climate so I probably need less moisturizer to begin with. Plus Dan's moisturizer sinks in well, which is nice.

To anyone who's reading this and who's upset about their skin, hang in there! I know how frustrating it feels! I won't say too much cos a lot's been said already but remember that even on the best regimen, it takes time to show results so be patient. :wub: Good luck to all!


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