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Peanut Brittle Finger Nails.

c'est la vigne


Day 908:

Okay. So. The horns didn't get too terrible, but they did leave pink marks. And I'm still struggling with that cluster of clogged pores on my right cheek. I swear, they've been there for months, so I keep picking at them, and they just get redder and redder and more and more splotchy looking. So I've been trying really hard to just apply my AHA to them and leave them alone. And of course I got a new little zit on each cheek near my mouth, and an old zit on my forehead revived.

BUT! It hasn't been terrible. I've been using my AHA/BHA toner about twice a day (once in the morning, after washing, and once in the afternoon), and then applying my BP at night (although I admit, I skipped the last two nights--eek!). I think the toner is helping.

And I think I know what's causing the breakouts. I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner: my birth control. When I first started going to Planned Parenthood, I was going to the clinic every three months to pick up my pills, and they always gave me Microgestin Fe, which is a generic of LoEstrin Fe. And my skin was fine. Then the clinic I was going to closed, so I had them call the prescription in to a pharmacy near my house. And for the first few months, the pharmacy gave me Microgestin Fe, and it was fine.

Then, the pharmacy switched me over to Junel, which is just another generic of LoEstrin Fe. But I'm pretty sure that I started breaking out shortly thereafter. So maybe my body just doesn't like the Junel as much. So I think I'm going to call Planned Parenthood on Monday to see if they can switch me to a different pill. I'm thinking maybe Ortho TriCyclen, since I've been on that before... We'll see.

But yeah, my birth control. Derrrrrp. I'm so slow sometimes.


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