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Week 12 Day 2



Hey everyone,

I've only been putting a small pea sized amount of BP on my cheek areas for the last 3 nights and so far so good, no new zits (except for a strange freak one near my eyebrow but it think that's because I went to thread my eyebrows - anyway, doesn't count!) Old zits have been healing quite nicely. Skin has also stopped flaking and has returned to its normal colour so I'm pretty pleased about this.

Other than putting on BP, I've also been experimenting with Avene Cleanance K Oil-Control Lotion along my chin and jaw area. It's basically an AHA/BHA gel-cream. I actually bought Dan's AHA but some some reason, everytime I used it along my chin and jaw area, it would break me out. Kinda like the BP. So I figured that it was probably irritation and stopped using it. But at the same time, I really wanted something to help fade the red marks and I also read that glycolic acid can stimulate collagen production and maybe help with some shallow scarring. Plus anyway, disinfecting your skin (BP) + exfoliation (AHA/BHA) is a pretty good way to fight acne.

So I was checking out its review on Paula Begoun's website and it apparently has about 5% AHA and 2% BHA and the recommended amount is pea size for the whole face. I used about half a pea sized amount for my chin, forehead and jaw which didn't break out and I'm pretty sure it also helped to zit the two zits I had there previously since I haven't been putting any BP on those areas. Anyway, so I went ahead and put a pea sized amount on my whole face last night, then moisturizer, then BP. I'll see how this regime goes. I read of some people having good results for two weeks and breaking out horribly after that. But anyway, this morning after I washed my face and looked at it in the mirror, I swear my skin was softer and the red marks were slightly faded. Could be my imagination but oh well, it certainly was quite encouraging. I was just thinking that perhaps if all the PIH was gone, then perhaps my 4-5 icepick scars wouldn't look so bad. Except for one on my left cheek which I realized it pretty damn huge.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes.


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