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Day 29



Hola everybody. I went to the derm today, did the preg test thing, blood work. Last month my derm told me that his goal was to up my dosage to 60mg for the 2nd month but he said that since I am doing so well on 40 mg he will just keep me at this dosage for the next 5 months. Oh, the only side effect I'm really experiencing is this weird rash on my arms and legs and he said its just dry skin. Weird, it doesn't feel dry and itchy, just bumpy but I can't really complain. I hope being on 40mg for 5 months will knock my acne out forever! I was kind of hoping to be put on a higher dosage but if I don't need to be, then I guess I won't press for it. What do you guys think? But I have also read that in the end it is only the cumulative dosage that matters, that a low dosage for a longer time is just as effective as high dosage in a shorter amount of time...

If you have taken a course for 40mg for 6months let me know what your results have been, I'm curious :whistle:

Anyways, so far so good. I am feeling good, if anything I have been happier. My skin is starting to feel smooth. My cheeks are a little red but it looks fine bc it gives my pasty skin a little color :pray: I am still breaking out a little but its not all that bad. :wub:

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hey! if youre skin is showing progress then its just fine. :- i was on 40mg/day but my derm put me back to 20mg/day for the rest of my course.. ive also read on other blogs that lower dosage works the same as the higher dose does.. (did i say it right?) :)goodluck on your treatment! ill keep on checking your progress...-jataro

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