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Beginning again... SLOWLY!

Ryan C


So after being on the Regimen for 6 weeks, I honestly couldn't handle the dryness anymore. I was using the 2 pumps of BP for the last 2 weeks, and man was it drying! I decided to stop using BP until my skin recovers, and then I'm going to begin again much more slowly. It has been roughly 36 hours since I last used BP and my face is still flaking somewhat. The redness is gone, but there was dryness after cleansing. I honestly wonder how much skin I have shed in the last 3-4 weeks from all of this BP. It is absolutely mind blowing! This is why they tell you to start slowly LOL! I used my AHA moisturizer (Lac Hydrin 5) to try and get rid of some of the flakiness about 2 hours ago after cleansing (I use Dan's cleanser). Good news is, I can actually feel my skin returning to.... normal? I can see that I am going to have a breakout already, but most of the lesions that are coming up look like they had been hiding underneath the dead skin on my face. I honestly couldn't stand having a big pile of dead skin all over my face, which is exactly what it looked and felt like. My skin is producing oil again, which I am somewhat indifferent about. Overall my acne isn't all that bad, maybe 2 or 3 noticable lesions on my chin and a few miniscule ones on my forehead that I honestly didn't notice without looking closely. There is some PIH, but it actually looks better now than it did that last time I used BP. I plan on starting BP again in the next few days once a day. There is no way I am going to have my face be one big irritated mess! Irritation is a big cause of acne in the first place, I don't need my face being a big pile of dead skin! I'll probably be keeping a daily log of progress, so if your interested in hearing my experiences, tune in. This time around I am going to be much more kind to my skin, and hopefully it will return the favor. 'Til next time.


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