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Day 17



I must say these days seem to be going by pretty fast. I'm already on day 17...seems like a just started. Anywho, I am definately in my IB stage. I have this huge pimple right in the middle of my forehead, two on my left cheek and two on my chin. It seems everyday I wake up with a new one! :wub: They started of as these kind of flat flesh colored bumps and then turned into white heads. I will admit I did pop them...I know, I know and I also broke out my retin-a gel and spot treated them. The one on my forehead really bothers me because it's the biggest one and it is right in the middle and I feel like people are staring at it when they talk to me! The one on my chin actually started as one, but it brought a friend right next to it today! AHHHH!!! I didn't pop the new one yet. I'm just hoping that this is as bad as it gets. I will say that it's not as bad as some breakouts I've had, but it is pretty frustrating to go from clear to not clear...but we all kinda know what to expect when taking this medication. Haven't really had anymore headaches, lips are fine, skin not oily. I do find myself thirsty alot...and I don't really eat as much, I wouldn't say I'm losing weight, but I wouldn't mind! Nosebleeds have stopped. Some mornings I wake up a little stiff. Overall I would say I'm not having that bad of an experience. Hopefully it just gets better from here! Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!


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