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We'll start from the beginning...



OK, a little history:

I'm 24 and I've had acne for the past 6 years. I never tried to do anything about it until this year...


I have moderate to severe acne I think, but the main problem is really scarring from all previous acne outbursts. I can't help picking at them. They look so horrible when they're cystic that I tend to feel like I'd rather deal with a pigmentation problems than mini mountains on my face.


Anyway. I've been on a couple of treatment plans so far (chemical ones that doctors prescribed) but I never had the motivation to keep it up and I always considered the peeling/flaking a bad sign so I would stop treating my face.

I am on a new plan now with a new doctor and I haven't had any peeling with this so I'm feeling much more motivated to continue.

I tried the OCM method for a month and that really helped with my dry skin, but it didn't seem to do much for my acne. The acne still came, but I did find that my scars would peel off easier (but they didn't really decrease because the new acne just created more scars).


Also, I am not sure if this is entirely relevant but I also do laser hair removal on my face and my acne doc says that isn't good because it can irritate my skin. Well. I can't stop that because I have to combat both the hair and the acne, so I'm just going to see how it goes.

I waxed my face recently, because my laser doc said there was too much acne to laser my face and she thought lasering it while I had cystic acne would cause folliculitis. So I got my face waxed and as usual, had a bad reaction so little white bumps sprouted over some of the waxed areas.


My new doc whom I saw after my reaction to waxing has put me on a new plan. I saw her last Friday, so it's been nearly a week since I started her plan. She said I should see results in two weeks (at least the little white bumps should go) and once we had the acne under control we would work on the scars.


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