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Hello everybody!

Okay well I officially have mild acne. For this past 2-3 weeks my skin has just been breaking out again(no more one or two small pimples)..

So right now I have a few on each cheek and the sides of my face. It doesn't look too horrible but since my skin had been clear for so long after accutane, it really just depressed my yesterday.

Yesterday was my derm. appt. and we talked and talkedetc. I didn't want to use any topicals or antibiotic again bcs I have used all of them and they never worked for me. So after discussing I agreed and decided to start accutane again. I was prescribed two topicals (one to spread all over my face basically and one just for cyst) until I receive accutane which takes a month. And so I took my first pregnancy test at the office and yeah... I am back at square one again. Except this time my acne isn't like last time. IFFFFFFF these topicals clear me up I won't start accutane again. They started the process and whatnot with Ipledge and my insurance to get accutane so I don't have to wait longer. I seriously doubt these topicals will work for me.. I mean I hope they do but idk. I am picking them up tomorrow.

I'm glad my acne didn't return like how it was before but I just really hope things work out for me. I am trying to be positive and just content..so yeah. I remember when I finished accutane I wrote about how people should be happy and content with or without acne..so I would be a hypocrite and a fool to sit here and just be sad bcs of some pimples. I hope my skin does clear up because everyone, including myself, deserves clear skin and just some more confidence.

Anyways oh yeah!

I also bought my facewash again..err I forgot the name..it's on a previous post. Otherwise I have just been using cetaphil morning and night. I REALLY NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER. I think that's another reason why my skin is djsknsjhgg...



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