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Pictures o.O



I thought I had uploaded pictures to my gallery and it have been more than 24hours, but I don't see them -.-! Maybe I didn't do it right? Or maybe I need to wait longer for them to get approved...they should get approved...they weren't inappropriate :wub: Oh well...I'll keep an eye on it.

Good news!!! Called my mom this morning and talked to her for a bit and she was telling me that she was talking to one of my aunts yesterday and apparently one of my counsins is using Accutane!!! He's been on it for a month and he's been fine except for the side-effects that I've heard of...so mom says she'll be OK with me starting it by myself!! So I'll definitely be starting Monday!! 100% sure!! Nothing can go wrong.... :pray:

I woke up this morning with like 5 white heads all over my face...what the heck :whistle: Oh well that doean't matter to me right now...I'll just leave them be! I'll be leaving home for Thanksgiving in a few hours, but I need a nap first, it's a long drive. Can't wait to be home!! :clap:

Enjoy your week everyone!

Yours truly,


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Hi there, thanks for the encouragement! :- Hope your Accutane treatment goes well. I'll be keeping up with your progress!

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