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1: How old were you when you first started to notice you had acne? How old are you now?

12 years old. I`m 26 now.

2: Did it develop overnight, or did you gradually start breaking out with acne over a period of time?

I was 12, shortly before my 13th birthday and exactly during the easter holidays I was hit with hard cyst. From thereon my skin has never been normal.

3: How would you classify or describe your acne, when it was (or is currently) at it's worst?

Severe cystic. On a class photo, it seemed to me that instead of where my face should be- there was just red substance.

4: Were you in school when you developed acne? If so, what grade?

I think it was 7th grade.

5: If you were in school when you started developing acne, did that have an impact on you? If so, how?

Yes, it had impact. I became more introverted, alienated, shy, silent, anxious, etc. I think I had BDD- covering my face with hands, hair, choosing which place to take at table, corridoors, etc.

6: What things have you done to try to get rid of your acne?

Over the counter medications. Always been washing my face 2 times a day, but it didnt help. Taking accutane now.

7: If you got rid of your acne permenantly, what method worked for you? How long have you been clear?

Havent gotten rid of it permanently yet.

8: Have you ever taken accutane? If you have, what are your thoughts about it?

Its great. My skin hasnt been like this in 13+ years.

9: Do you have a daily routine/regimen dedicated just for fighting/preventing acne?

Morning and evening cleansing, moisturizing routine.

10: Has having acne impacted your daily life significantly? If is has, how so?

Choosing which places to go or not to. Mainly not to. It made me plan ahead my skin condition, possible breakouts and cleaning routine.

11: Do you think of someone with acne as weak or strong? Why?

Weak, in a sense that it limits one`s will and chances for anything (in most cases). Strong is a sense that he/she must undergo huge struggle that others would not even suspect of.

12: Do you believe in God(s)? Yes or No?


13: How serious of a medical condition do you think acne is?

In general? I think its serious. Its body fighting a bacteria. If it goes out of control it can be fatal.

14: How serious do you consider the mental effects of acne to be?

I think they are very serious. Gives too much unnecessarry stress and worry and thoughts. It can be fatal too.

15: Describe how you feel about acne in one word.




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Kinda hard to chose just ONE word to describe how I feel about acne, but I guess I'd go with anger. I was looking through the thread with this questionnaire and I'm pretty sure I'd chose any of their words as well. :-

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