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Week 11 Day 6



Hey everyone,

Right let's get down to it.

Current status: Zits and clogged pores from Week 11 Day 2 have died and gone to acne hell although one did leave me a pretty huge red PIH on my right cheek. RAWRH. Chin zit from yesterday has diminished somewhat. Upper lip zit - I can't see and I'm not about to go looking for it. Two new normal-sized zits on my chin area near my jaw line. I swear it was the excessively dry skin and whatnot from the BP. Although I got my period yesterday so it could have been hormonal. I've heard that chin acne is hormonal? Oh, one pore size zit on my right cheek near my nose which has come to a head. Hopefully it'll dry out and drop off soon.

Haha sometimes I feel like I'm doing some sort of roll call when I assess my skin. Chin Zit 1, Chin Zit 2, Upper Lip Zit, Cheek Zit. Okay, weird I know.

Skin has been gradually calming down since I put on very little BP last night (still stung like crap go figure) and none this morning. I think since my zit situation is not so heinous right now, I'll try a thin layer of BP every night on problem areas and see if it works out. I don't really think my skin can adapt to such huge amounts of BP - even after Week 4, I was still at half pump despite what Dan's little amount chart showed. Any more than that, my skin burned so bad that it would wake me up in the middle of the night. Even now at nearly 3 months, I can only use 1.5 pumps for about 3 days before my skin starts to get red, burn and peel. Even though the redness has calmed down, I can see exactly where I put on the BP because that area is is brownish - probably dead skin waiting to peel off. Ugh.

Anyway, an update on Dan's new moisturizer. Even with 2 pumps (with a few drops of olive oil), my skin still felt dry and flaky. After I switched to using Cetaphil day and night, my flaky situation pretty much improved. So while I love how quickly Dan's moisturizer sinks in and doesn't make my skin feel heavy and gross, it's not moisturizing enough for me. Not while I'm on 1.5 pumps of BP at least. Maybe once I cut back on BP and stop flaking, I'll try Dan's moisturizer in the mornings again.

Sigh that's the thing with skin. Everything is pretty much trial and error. Sometimes in my eagerness to solve this acne crap once and for all, I end up making things worse. And sometimes I look at people with pretty much perfect skin and who don't really give a crap about it and don't do anything to it beyond washing it twice a day (when they remember), and I get so jealous. I know my skin situation is really not all that bad. Under makeup, you can hardly tell that I have an acne problem. Only if someone examines my face really closely, then they'd be able to tell that I have a few zits and icepick scarring. BUT I WANT MY PERFECT SKIN BACK - I WANT TO STOP HAVING TO HIDE BEHIND MAKEUP - I WANT TO BE ABLE TO GO OUT WITHOUT MAKEUP AND NOT FEEL LIKE I HAVE TO KEEP MY HEAD DOWN ALL THE TIME BECAUSE I FEEL SO UGLY. And while I'm at this self-pity thing, let me also add that everyone in my family has perfect skin.

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It seems like chin acne is hormonal because I remember when I was younger the only zits my mom would get were on her chin and I'm pretty sure it was around her time of month. She doesn't get zits anymore though, because she's much older and getting to that menopause stage. Anyway I digress...I know how you feel. Ugh, it is so frustrating that there are people who do not have to use so many products on their face just to have clear skin. And yes, it seems the more products we use the worse it gets...it is trial and error and I think that is what is most frustrating. Why can't something just work?!!! Well anyway good luck with everything :-

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