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Borage oil conclusion



I stopped taking borage oil and lecithin a few days ago. I had enough left to last me another 3-4 days, but after sticking with it for over a month I figured the last few days wouldn't make a difference.

Unfortunately the borage oil and lecithin had absolutely no perceivable effect on the oiliness of my nose. Still as oily as ever. Right now I'm getting most of my EFAs from hemp oil, which I started on October 27.

So my search for an oily skin solution continues.

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Keep it up man. You seem to have the exact same nose as me :-. I have cured my acne but not my oily skin yet and am still trying and will tell you if I do. I cured my acne using "topical vitamin A" (thevitamincure) and hopefully it will cure my oily nose. I will be checking this blog out regularly, please keep it up.

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