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Day 8

Everything is going good so far. :whistle: I have not mentioned this yet but I have been getting a burning feeling in my tummy. It only happens for a few min but it literally feels like my intestines are burning( weird huh? ) :wub: I have been trying to take plenty of water with my pill to see if that helps. I have never had these pains before but I am sure it will go in time. My skin is finally turning that famous red that I have heard so much about. It is also getting a little dry ( not to bad ). Just feels like after a day at the beach like a little warm and slightly red. My lips have not been to dry yet. I have noticed my skin other than on the face is less oily. On the other hand my face has been really oily for a few days. I have been trying not to look at or touch my face. My skin also looks slightly swollen around my pores. It is hard to explain but nothing very noticeable. My worst part of my face has always been my forehead and all around my mouth. I get like 100 tinny tinny pimples on my forehead and bigger cystic pimples around my chin and mouth. Sometimes they stay for months! URGH. I just want my skin to feel clean and refreshed. I don't have crazy expectations or anything with accutane. I would be happy to just get a few pim at a time instead of a whole pile of zits. Well anyway there are my thoughts for the day. Everything going good so far and def no symptoms that would make me stop. Oh and I am still using the Cetaphil ( typo ? ) . cleanser and cream. Working good! Oh and I bought some Aquaphor and geeze that stuff is expensive!!!!!! :clap:



Haha omg! I just looked up Aquaphor...it is expensive :) I will be starting Accutane soon and hopefully I wont get any side-effects that would make me stop. Like you, I just want my skin to feel clean and refreshed again. Good luck with everything! :-

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Glad to hear you're doing well :- Hope the tummy stuff subsides. Have a Great Turkey Day!!!
AWWW Thanks for the support. Can't wait to hear about your progress. Happy Thanksgiving ! :)

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