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2 days before seeing my dermatologist... update.



let's describe ME today.

i am off antibiotics, only washing my face once or twice a day with cetaphil (i was using other soaps and switched back to cetaphil and i think i can see a difference, cetaphil is more gentle), and using BP once or twice a day.

i have a few bumps on my jawline and chin (used to be HUGE but became really small with antibiotics), a larger bump on my jaw/side of my chin, a horrible cyst on my cheek and several previous red marks, that have been there for years, really.

the cyst appeared a few days ago. i'm trying to remember if it is where i picked, but who knows anymore :pray: its horrible, painful and very sensitive. it doesn't seem to be getting any smaller.

that is me, today. well, my face. :wub:

i have an appointment with my dermatologist wednesday. she'll prescribe accutane and will start i dont know, friday probably. i haven't told my family but i obviously have to.

i read many of you wear make up, but i can't. the minute i put it on, my face starts to itch. i once left it on for maybe 10 minutes and got a rash!!! my skin seems to absorb anything i put on it... (i've tried 3 different brands of good make up and all three gave me that effect so i am bot interested in trying anymore).... so basically i have to go out with my face "au naturel"

blah. i have an important event friday and not only i look bad on my face but my body: i have gained 15 lbs... blah. and i need to buy a dress!!!

so, me today: not happy... and i should be thrilled cause its a good moment :whistle:

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Try and make the best of the event :- Make up never worked for me either :( it would just make my acne worse...I even tried the Proactiv make ups and Clinique makeups -.-! and others. So I don't wear any...oh well it's to painful to put on anyway. Good luck with everything! :)

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