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Week 3 Day 1... i think?



Well that past couple days i have been very optimistic about my acne even tho it still looks as bad as ever, but umm well i took care of the breakouts (thanks bp:)) and now just have one pimple above my lip. everything else is just red marks and a few more pimples that are hibernating, also non inflamed acne is still on my face but all around im doing alright. its hard to face that ima just have to wait for the millions of red marks all over my cheeks to go away since they look so much like active acne but o well ive been through harder times then this. also the best thing happened yesterday. my ex girlfriend who i hadn't seen in 2 months saw me yesterday and the first thing she said was "wow your face really cleared up" note that when wwe were going out my face was discusting but it is just getting better and better:) thank you acne.org and i will continue to post as hopefully my red marks will start to fade and my few remaining pimples dissapear and my face just gets better:DDD . GOD BLESS


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Thank you very much:) and ya they really give you the confidence all of us people with acne really need

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