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Completely lost count but it's about 3.5months and a bit...



Sorry, I forgot to write for awhile because I don't think about my skin all the time anymore hahaha!

It's fab! It's the first 'little friend' time of the month that I have not broken out - unless you can count 2 barely noticable pimples that seriously cleared in a day or less.

I went to the derm 2 weeks ago and he was pretty pleased. I have another 2 months of stuff and then we need to decide what to do with my dosage.... I'm tempted to stay on an ultra ultra low dose for awhile as I'm actually petrified to get greasy skin back.

Who knew that it was the greasy skin that I think actually bothered me more than the spots.... I just glow now rather than looking like an oil slick! and my hair is dry and doesn't need washing constantly WOOP! Honestly this stuff is so amazing! I'm not dreading staying over at people's houses, going on a plane, backpacking with limited water.... I have so much more time that I did before.....I spent 3hrs at least a week picking, wearing a mask, washing my face/hair again.... Seriously! :wub:

From side effect point of view, I've been lucky really (i know I moaned a little in my past blogs but it is soooo worth it). I had a seriously bad cold the last week and constant headaches from it but I'm not sure its related. I do get knee/shoulder and shin pains occasionally but I exercise through it. The dry lips do drive me a little crazy but again I'm used to it and over it...

I have scars but they are much clearer from the last 6 weeks of being pretty clear and the use of vit e oil and the retin-A (3 times a week ish). Sometimes they look bad, other times you can hardly see them. I'll continue to wait and see and maybe later if they are still noticable I will see if I can do anything to gently help them go - I'm more petrified about the spots/greasy skin coming back before I even get to that 6 months after accutane, 'finally can have scar treatment' stage. One step at a time....

I'm on a healthy diet and exercise regime now so that I can try to balance the hormones before I come off it....It's got to work!


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