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I wish my skin was better now. Getting random pimple here and there, but overall my skin is in "suspicious" state. Not looking very healthy, and sometimes it feels like the oilyness returns, and of course there is a lot of dryness too. Overall- irritated and not lively. Been pretty cold here, no snow here yet, but its cold even inside. Been eating less natural green stuff :wub:, I need to take care of this.

Restocked my zinz supplement and vitamine E. I bought vitamine D too, pale clouds here for days, maybe it will help something.

I shaved my hair down, they getting on my nerves sometimes, I cant get a satisfactory haircut :pray:. In its own way short hair helps against skin problems I think, less irritation from hair touching skin, and less shampoo contact.

I am going no tea or coffee for this week, lets see what this will do.

Will upload pictures later.

Also Im thinking Ill ask my derm if I could continiue seeing her once a month, even off the ROA.

Checked price list of dermaabrasion and fraxel co2 yag lasers here. There is a top clinic in the capital city here, their derms get on TV often to talk stuff. The price ranges from 400-1400 USD. I have 2 USD on my VISA credit card =))) mmmmyahh...


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