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day 69



face is clear except for a few spots, chest and shoulders still have a few inflaimed red lumps but still looking better.

face is dry, lips are dry, arms are dry.....

lot of lotion and accutane pills and fish oil daily also aquaphor

sensitive eyes

lifting 4 days a week, almost out of protein and pre mix

diet is good, muscle mass is good, tone is coming

sexyness inevitable cant wait

STUFFING and TURKEY thursday

Yeaaa buddyy


Hi, I was just wondering if you have had any problems with weight lifting? I workout 4-5 days a week and was scared I would have to quit lifting weights when I start accutane. I start tomorrow. Any info would be great :-

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yea i was freaking out too at the beginning, i had mild lower back aches when i first started but i started taking fish oil the first week and by the end of the first month i was pain free. idk if the fish oil helped but i dont have any pain when i lift or workout. i cut out most of the workouts that use my lowerback - deadlifts and anything that you bend at the lower back id take it easy on. my ab workout is the only time im using my back just to be safe.my accutane experience has turned out so far to be a great few months to shred up and get rid of this acne bullshit.just remember to drink alot of water and keep your diet healthy and full of fruits and veggies and you will be fine :-

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yo man havent been on here in a while.. sounds like ur doin good. I still got some spots too - just want the redness to go away! that is really the only thing that I still have - non active red spots but theres a bunch. :- Sounds like youve been doin ok with the creatine then? still have added it into my routine, might just wait. my workouts been good too, just ordered like 10 lbs of whey - soo cheap online! haha. Lately I been cutting out the max reps like the 1 or 2 high weight from my routine tho - trying to keep it above 6 reps when I do a set. Heard this stuff makes ur bones weaker so dont want to test that too far haha. Whatevs good reason to get cut! Been drinkin a little more recently - hopefully my liver is still cool. Its really going to suck around month 5 when were all clear and just want to get out there slug-a-lug!! look out ladies!! :) hahaha - all clear and off this shit for 21st bday is going to be the shit! april 30th woot woot! :(

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yea i know im already having problems with the ladies, i over did it this thanksgiving and drank almost everynight. it was fun though :)yea i dont think im gonna break any bones lifting so we are safe there.my face has been pretty clear i just got a red lump on my neck but it doesnt seem like its gonna stay too long. my shoulders and back are clearing and my chest is on its way. alot of red spots but they will dissapear in the next month or so.id be happy if he put me on 100mg a day next month considering im on 80 again and its not bad at all.i think 100mg a day would really help finish this shit up and keep it away for goodi hear the redness goes away after you stop taking accutane because your skin like starts to fill out again and not be so dry and it hides the red marks back to regular skin tone, and i cant wait to get tan again i feel like a pale dry ghost sometimes.

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Ya i dono probably wont break bones but I noticed the joint pain after the high weight 1 reps more. it was worse when i would do the deadlifts tho my knees would feel like they were about to give out. I suck at those tho so it mightv been bad form - i took em out anyway. I also just wanted to tone up more i been doin low reps high weight for a while. My doc almost put me on 100 last time but decided to just go with 80. She said she may take it all the way up to 120 tho. Have u been getting headaches at all? I used to never get em but feel like i get them everyday now

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only headaches ive gotten are from hangovers and even they are not bad.deadlifts are not a part of my workout right now, i tried power cleans and they use my lower back alot too and i feel back pain after those.yesterday i did back rows, back flys, pull ups, lat pulldowns, and lawnmowers and my lower back is slightly sore today.when i do back is the only time my back gets sore (or if im bent over for a long time and then i stand up)im hoping for 100mg next month but im not worried if he gives me 80 again. i just dont wanna plateau and get a break out again :-

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