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Day 5



Grrrr! I hate PMS breakouts! Well I at least hope that's what this is...

I've been a bit lenient with my diet too these past 2 days though, but something gives me the feeling it's not that anyway...

Skin status: Well I've developed about three or four tiny whiteheads on my left cheek, (one if which I popped gently and is disappearing fast now, and theres still the bugger on my other cheek from yesterday. That one hasn't become any bigger though, so it seems leaving it alone and putting TTO on it is helping. Actually my skin texture is looking really nice despite those few visitors, but I still hope they clear fast and that it doesn't become any worse. I haven't picked today at all, except for that little whitehead, which hardly counts =D. Picking to me is causing damage, or messing with something that's clearly not ready to be messed with, going totally overboard.

What I ate today: I've been a bad girl lol... Well, I had oats with honey for breakfast, and I had my vitex and zinc. For lunch I had a healthy wholegrain sandwich with cucumber, tomato and mayo. BUT, I had some of my (impossible to resist) salt and vinegar chips (oops) and I had some rasberry jello (double oops)! At least not dairy, so I hope my skin will forgive me! For dinner I'm having malaysian curry with lots of veggies and no meat, so that should be fine =D And then I'll be having my Niacin!

So, I'm not doing TOO badly... I'm pretty sure these breakouts are pms ones, and they're actually little, and not very visible, so if I leave them alone they should be gone soon. Oh I almost forgot - I did a proactiv refining mask a little while ago before my usual cleansing routine. Hoping the sulphur will speed up the lifespan of the little buggers on my cheeks. I don't plan to do this often, maybe just once a month when I know I'm likely to break out, twice a month tops - at ovulation time. I really don't want to start applying a myriad of products again and irritating my skin.

Ta-da! There we go... wish me luck! So far not too bad, but I must clean up my diet again from tomorrow!


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