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Not so itchy



Not so itchy anymore!! Starting Accutane in T minus 2 days!!! Nothing really new to report except that my skin is extra oily today and the red zit in the middle of my forehead seems to have gotten bigger and more red. I can't wait to have a clear face. I can't wait to go out more often and not be so afraid.

I'm giving my senior clarinet recital next semester and I'm really hoping that the Accutane will clear up my face at least a little so that I can feel more confident on the stage. I'll be student teaching next year as well and I'd like to look like an adult that works at a school and not like a students whose hormones are raging. I think that's what bothers me most. I think I will post pictures right now, so if you're reading this check my album in about 10min if you dare :/ Not really sure about doing this....here goes nothing.

Have a good week everyone, enjoy the upcoming holiday :wub:

Yours truly,



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Good on you for putting some photos up monkeee. I think they take a day or so before they show up. They must have to approve them or something and when someone comments on your photos the comments take a day or so to come through...quite annoying actually but oh well. What holiday do you guys have coming up? lucky things...have a good break.haz xoxo

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Yes, you're right...it told me 24hrs -.-! Oh well. We have Thanksgiving coming up next week :- Only 2 days of class left before that holiday :)

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