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Day 14



My skin looks horrible today!!!!! I woke up this morning with 3 new pimples. Guess this is the beginning of my IB which I thought I was going to magically skip because I had been using retin-a...guess not...fudge!!!!!!!!!! I have 1 on my forehead and two on my left cheek..plus my face just looks horrible. All my scars look more pronounced and red. I look bad. How could I go from ok looking skin to horrible disgusting skin in one day??? Also the past two days I have been having nosebleeds, lips are dryer and my face feels kind of sore...especially along my jaw line...I feel that soreness when you know you're about to get one of those hard under the skin kinda cysts. Not looking forward to that. I don't know what possessed me to believe I would be one of those rare people who don't have an IB!! Oh I also forgot to mention when I woke up this morning my right hip was killing me. Like I could barely walk. The tane is definately in my system now, and it's definitaely making itself known! This sucks donkey balls! The only positive I have right now is my face is not oily...that's it. No more headaches...drinking plenty of water. I just hope these couple of pimples go away quickly and don't bring any friends with them. Thanks for reading!


Hey Lovely Lady,Yeah I was one of those that thought I might magically not encounter the initail breakout. We can only hope a?I know its really tough when the skin starts breaking out. I had a hard weekend of sore, angry face. It's nice to know we are not alone and there are others going though the same stuff...still sucks though.Haz xoxo

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Ew, donkey balls :- lol I guess I should stop thinking I'll be one of those rare people right now even before starting anything -.-! Everyone is suggesting drinking plenty of water...I will be doing that. :)

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