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Am i doing the right thing?



Hi im 13 and im suffering from what i'd say a moderate case of acne.

i dont know if what im doing to try and clear up my face is the right thing

this is what im doing:

Washing my face 1-2 times a day

trying to drink plently of water

keepin my hair off my face at night (not in day though because i have a fringe)

changin pillow cases every week

trying to keep stress levels down

i eat allot of chocolate and greasy foods, i dont know if unhealthy foods are linked to acne, are they? does chocolate lead to acne? should i stop eating it?

also whats a dermologist (or however you spell it)

i am from britain and i dont know where to get help

i am imagining there are better places to go in the US?

I am trying to stay away from makeup at the minute because it makes my face gets masses of spots.

And im sick of the horrible sly comments at school.

so is what im doing right?

should i change things?

please comment


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A dermatologist is a doctor who's specialised in skin problems. I don't live in the US, but got great help anyway.And chocolate is related to some very light types of acne, but thats probably not the type of acne you have.What you're doing is good, but if it's not enough to keep your skin clear, consult a dermatologist. You can go to a GP too, they could help you, but if even that's not enough, a dermatologist is the next step.

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Everything you're doing is good. I do all the same things and still get acne. Maybe try and stop eating so much chocolate for a while and if you see that you're acne has reduced then maybe chocolate is what triggers your acne. Also, eating a lot of greasy foods in general are not good for your health haha. I'm sure there are good dermatologist there in Britain...I'm from the US so I'm not really sure. You should probably see a professional for more definite answers :-

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