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Amnesteem from Day 1



I'm taking Amnesteem (a generic of Accutane)

40mg, 1 pill per day.

Day 1: I have 2 actives on my face, with lots of red scars all over. No bacne or anything on my chest. This is my norm.

Day 2: Woke up with 2 more actives on my face, and one on my chest. This is more than normal, and I usually don't break out on my chest. I hear this is what accutane/ generics tend to do at first.

Day 4- Woke up with 2 very small pimples on my forehead. Throughout the day, 2 big ones came in on my chin.

Day 5- The two on my chin are now huge, and my forehead has about 5 new scars from previous pimples.


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