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Week 11 Day 4



Hey everyone,

Current status: 2 dying zits and maybe 3 clogged pores

That's pretty good progress for two days. On the downside, my skin is back to being red again. Sigh. I thought that after close to 3 months and putting on the BP after moisturizer, my skin would have gotten used to it by now. At least there's no flaking - yet. I'll just load up on more moisturizer for the next few nights and see how it goes.

Oh, remember I said that I thought Dan's new moisturizer wasn't moisturizing enough for me? I re-read his entry on his new moisturizer and he said that he swapped out the glycerin (that was in the old one) for some new ingredient in the new one which would be just as moisturizing as the old one if used in greater quantities so he stressed to use 2 pumps. I used 2 pumps of it this morning (I use Dan's moisturizer in the morning and Cetaphil lotion at night cos Cetaphil is way to thick for day and my skin gets dry if I use Dan's moisturizer only) so I'll post back here if I feel any different.


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