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Day 4



Two steps forward, one step back? Sigh... =/

Skin status: Well, it seems that little bit of dairy and sugar has decided to take just a little revenge! Well either that or the fact that TTOM is coming up... Luckily nothing terrible yet, but a little bugger has planted itself on my lower cheek, near my mouth. It's not that visible yet, and I've poisoned it with some tea tree oil tonight so I hope it'll zap it before it gets any worse. I've noticed one or two tiny tiny skin-coloured bumps too coming up on my cheeks, but nothing I'm really worried about. I messed up a little today as well, with a couple of blackheads on my chin. Seems as soon as my skin is looking good I get the urge to make it bad again even when theres nothing there! Now I have a few little red marks on my chin. Nothing horrific, but still, I was hoping I'd last longer than this. Otherwise, still looking up! The mark on my cheek is fading, and its not very visible anymore, and the one on my forehead is pretty much gone!

What I ate today: I took my vitex, and I had fruit salad for breakfast. I had a cup of coffee later, with rice milk and honey, which usually is safe for me as long as I don't do it too often. For lunch I had some salads and some crumbed fish, so nothing bad there =D And for dinner, I made a nice pot pie with beef and veggies, and some salad on the side. I substituted the milk with rice milk. The only bad bit is a teeny sprinkle of cheese on top, but its really hardly any, so I doubt that'll do much. I also remembered my Niacin! =D

Oh well, honestly I can't complain.... It's looking good regardless of the one or two little blemishes. Wish me luck! I do feel as though I'm getting there... =D I must admit my skin is way way happier with the simpler skin care routine. It's calm and normal coloured, lol... instead of read and dry, I do like that! Almost makes me not mind getting a few blemishes as much!


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