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Week 11 Day 3



I don't know if it's my imagination but my zits seemed to have shrunk a little today and that makes me pretty happy. My mom's going to a wedding and I just did her makeup for her.

Anyway, I guess I should talk about my experience on the regimen before Week 11. Do note that I started out putting BP AFTER moisturizer and I still do because I have really sensitive skin that turns red easily. Anyway, here goes:

Week 1: As I probably had a dozen clogged pores, maybe 8-10 zits on the apples of my cheeks and maybe 3-4 zits on my forehead. I started with Benzac 2.5% and Cetaphil Cleanser and Moisturizer and I did the regimen twice a day on my whole face for about 3 days. I probably used too much to start with and since I have really sensitive skin, it burned and I got really red. I took a break for three days and started again, this time with a pea sized amount. My face still stung though, although the redness wasn't so bad.

Week 2: I started flaking around my upper lip and chin area and it was pretty disgusting. My face was red too, you could see a very distinct line between my neck and my face. Although I suppose the only good thing was that people just thought I had a sunburn. At this point I hadn't ordered Dan's products yet so I just used some strange thing that my mom bought for me called 'Olea Virgin Lotion'. Yeah I know it sounds really dodgy but it's basically olive oil and vitamin E oil, or at least, that's what it says cos the instructions on the box are pretty much in Thai. I'd used it before in the past and it didn't break me out, plus I was flakey and desperate. Anyway, this stuff worked really well. Sank right into my skin and I stopped being so flakey. The forehead zits were pretty much flattened out, so were the cheek zits but they were still there, with the clogged pores. Probably used half a finger's length of BP at this point.

Week 3: Probably the hardest week of the regimen. I didn't get much of an initial breakout (thankfully) but my skin was really red and I dreaded doing the regimen cos it stung like crazy, so much so that I couldn't concentrate on my work. Everyone kept asking what happened to my face and told me to quit the regimen. Anyway I stuck with it and decided to just moisturize more after the BP dried. Although putting moisturizer after the BP STUNG. Maybe the stuff in the moisturizer reactivated the BP? The Olea Virgin Lotion did help a little but I think 3 weeks of BP made my face pretty unhappy and I was Capital F Flakey.

Week 4: My forehead finally cleared up and I decided that my face was getting way too red so I did the regimen only on the apples of my cheeks where I tend to break out. Note that I don't usually break out on my forehead anyway - it was just the result of me being ridiculous on a backpacking trip. By the end of Week 4, I stopped flaking my face was completely clear of zits and I probably had one clogged pore?

Week 5: Skin still clear although I had two really red patches on the apples of my cheeks. But under makeup, my skin looked pretty awesome. Was retarded and decided to use some Olay whitening moisturizer in place of Cetaphil to help speed up the disappearance of PIH. After 3 days, I had a large zit on my my right cheek and a dozen clogged pores on my left. After doing some research on Google, I realized that the moisturizer contained Isopropyl Isostearate which rates full marks on the comodogenity scale. If anyone's interested, you can check out www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm

Now I don't put anything new on my face without checking all the ingredients on this site. I know it's not fool-proof since even non-comodogenic ingredients can cause some people to break out but I guess this reduces the chances?

Week 6-9: Decided to stick to my original products and started doing full face of BP again. Started breaking out in pretty huge zits on my chin and jaw area. However, stinging stopped, redness and flakiness came about once a week. Finally ordered Dan's products and started using them. Olay breakout only disappeared at the end of Week 9 (I am never going to experiment with new products without checking the ingredients first argh!). Tried out the AHA but immediately broke out even more on my chin and jaw area the next couple of days. Decided that all the excessive dead skin was probably clogging my pores in that area so scaled down BP application on chin and jaw. These were not problem areas to begin with though.

Week 10: Skin finally cleared up with the exception of 2 bumps on my chin area which were zits which hadn't come to a head. But skin got insanely dry around my cheeks. Before this week, my flaking was always around my upper lip and chin area. Now my cheeks were flaking. I think that this was because Dan's new moisturizer is not moisturizing enough for me on its own and putting even one drop of jojoba oil in the morning was making me look super greasy. Took a break from the regimen for 3 days and slathered my face with moisturizer and jojoba oil on the days when I didn't need to leave the house which probably resulted in today's mini breakout

Wow, after listing all of that out, turns out I wasn't as faithful to the regimen as I thought I was! Okay no matter, from this week onwards I'll be super strict about it. GO MEE!!


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