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Day 2 - Update



Just a quick update on the evening of my second day!

Skin status: The little monster on my cheek is looking better, and its pretty much a scab now, which I don't like, but it's better than anything sore and inflamed. I hope it loosens and falls off soon! The little scab on my jawline has come off and there is just a little fresh pink skin there now, which I'm happy about. No new active ones, and there is no change on the small one on my forehead. The pink mark on my forehead is fading quite well and is hardly noticeable now. Overall since starting the gentle regimen (Just washing with BP washing and then moisturizing), my skin is SO much happier! I'm not breaking out any more or less than I was when I was applying lots of BP twice every day, but my skin is no longer red, irritated, itchy, or dry - it is a little more oily but to be honest I prefer that to the horrible red dryness I'd been dealing with before. My skin isn't bad enough to actually need that kind of harsh treatment.

What I ate today: So, today my diet has been pretty good, not perfect, but not terrible either. I had the honey on oats for breakfast, my zinc supp. and my vitex. Then for lunch I had organic peanut butter and homemade kiwifruit jam on wholegrain bread, some grapes, and a muesli bar (quite a healthy one without any bad stuff like chocolate). I didn't drink anything but water and a glass of rice milk. For dinner, I had two tiny tiny lamb chops, some fresh carrot/pineapple salad, some potato with mayo salad, some tomato/cucumber/lettuce salad, and some banana with condensed milk salad (I know this one isn't so good, but I'm hoping it won't do anything, since it wasn't a lot at all). So lots of little salads pretty much lol =D Oh and I just took my Niacin!

Oh, and no picking today! YESS!


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