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accutane Day 12



OK ..Today is day 12 .. my skin feels so dry all the time specialy around my mouth,my eyes are so dry I start my day with a headech but maybe thats because I have four children :pray: I havent had any new pimples or zits or anything yet .. Hopfully I wont :wub: but that dryness and discomfort all over my face is really anouuing me so much Im starting to ask my self <Is it worth it?> :whistle:


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Hi Neeva,I am on day 10 and have broken out everywhere. I am asking my self the same questions and asking people of acne.org. Everyone tells me it is its just getting through this first stage. So I hope it gets better for...yes headache is probs from the kids lol best of luck though a

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Thank u so much for your reply and I hope we will be in touch ..and see how it goes for both of us GOOD LUCK

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