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Day 2



So, things aren't looking too bad this morning. It's quite a "good" time of the month for me, so not really much active, but I do still have my screw-ups sticking around from my itchy fingers =/

I have one tiny one on my forehead that's not really bothering me - it's not even visible to the human eye (except for my eye of course lol) And otherwise its just healing marks now.

I have that little monster on my cheek which is no longer swollen this morning, but has a bit of a light brown scab over it (sorry for being so descriptive =p), and its slightly raised, but not really inflamed anymore so I'm leaving it alone. I also have the little scab on my jawline thats smaller today, and not bothering me too much. And then I have the light pink mark still on my forehead, but it's looking way better and hardly visible now. Then there are the usual marks on my jawline and lower cheeks from previous little buggers - overall, not bad, no new break outs this morning!

I took my vitex, and had oats with a little honey for breakfast, and am oging to take my zinc when I'm done typing this.

Lunch is going to be some grapes, a wholegrain/wholewheat sandwich with organic peanut butter and jam (I know, a little sugar, but I want to see if I can at least have some jam without causing trouble, after all its not chocolate or a cookie, lol) Might also have a nuts and raisins held together with honey "Naturals" muesli bar, but I'll see about that one.

Not sure what's for dinner tonight yet, but hopefully something dairy-free since my mom is doing the cooking this time...

=) Will update again tonight!


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