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made the decision...



well i called my dermatologist, because she told me to do so with my decision about Accutane. She says it's the only solution for me but i was too scared. I told her, i decided to take Accutane and she said "bravo". That makes me feel better I have to say.

I see her on the 24th so i'll be starting Accutane couple days after that i assume?...

*is scared*


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I wish you all the best! I'm starting next week. Uhm, I wasn't allowed to start accutane until I did my first pregnancy test and my derm got the results. My derm gave me bactrim and benzaclin when I went to see him about a month ago and at that time he told me that Accutane was probably going to be my best solution, but that I should try the other antibiotics first(I was severly allergic so those didn't work haha) I've gone to see him one more time since that incident and I had to get another pregnancy test and he said I should be good to go Tuesday. I will see him this Monday :- Don't worry...I'm scared too, but also excited about seeing results.

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