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Whoohoo! Received my Niacin in my postbox today!



Just a quick update:

I received my niacin in the postbox and just took my first dose of the Solgar No Flush Inositol Hex. bound 500mg. I don't look or feel any different, lol =D

An update on picking: I did pick a little during the course of today, but gently, hoping to drain this stupid bugger on my cheek because I knew if I didn't it'd stay for ages now that I'd messed with it. I also applied my topical crushed zinc tablet dissolved in water concoction in between for 10min at a time to try and avoid it getting to red or inflamed, and it seemed to help. I think I've finally drained it now, a little bit at a time, because the swelling is going down quite fast, and it doesn't feel nearly as painful to the touch anymore (YESSS!) Now, I am going to stop. There's no reason for me to cause anything like this again. It's hard to believe that this little monster was just a pale pink, uninflamed flat spot yesterday morning =/ I really am such an idiot.

Also, I stuck to what I said I was going to eat today, and did consume anything unhealthy! Yay!

Another thing to any fellow CSPers who may be reading this - besides for getting support on this site, try talking to a loved one and ask them to help you through quitting. I recently told my boyfriend about my problem and he's been very supportive, encouraging me and asking me regularly how its going. It's very helpful and motivational so try it! Even if it's your sister or your mom =)

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hey it's hard to change everything at once! good job on the eating and minimal SP! I agree..I'm embarassing to tell someone, but it's not LIKE they cant see the war zone that is my face. My husband is very supportive. He suggests gloves..maybe..if i need to and if he sees me starting he stops me. I will probably enlist the kids too. Hopefully, they will see what I've done and not be PICKERS. Anyway..can't wait to hear how it goes. You can do it. :-

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