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acne scars



Sup everyone its been about 3 weeks since ive been on, wouldnt say ive progressed too much but looking better. I switched from mederma cream to gel which i regret, im still seeing results which is good but the gel peels off so you have to devote time to it, you cant just put it on and go about your day. Also things that i do that i hope are helping are drinking atleast 100 oz's of water a day and the ACE program which is vitamins a,c and e. im getting fewer pimples now maybe one or 2 a day but they always leave scars and some scars just appear that i did nothing to earn. On the brightside i have a dermatologish appointment tuesday which i hope to get microdermabrasion for the first time, i have alot of superficial red marks that would look alot better after the process. Id still be left with the deeper scars but the better i look i can stand to go longer and its only gonna get better. i look like shit now and have all those thoughts about ppl looking and everything but i know im not gonna live like this my whole life. i ruined this face by picking and i will damn sure rebuild it to better than before. the day that is done is the day i will truly be alive again, not drifting waiting to look better. since im off away at college im avoiding seeing certain ppl from home because all this happened to me over summer. i'll come back strong after lifting this burden off me. DONT PICK PEOPLE YOU WILL REGRET IT i can not stress that enough. but i hope everyone sees results, theres hope out there and we gotta find it!


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