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Whyyyy is it that whenever I have a derm appointment I get new pimples...I guess it's cause meetings are a month apart. But I feel like a bad patient if I get new pimples, lol. Ugh. My skin was doing well for about a week. Now it's all red again. He MIGHT put me on retin-a either tomorrow or at another meeting. We'll see what he says.

Pimple count:

1 on left cheek that I mentioned before (period related)

3 on right cheek...two are tiny, one is small but significant enough to hurt. Not a cyst or anything. Not a whitehead.

Just going to put some Murad sulfur mask on it overnight to try to dry it out.

Tomorrow I think i am only going to wear powder foundation. And only use concealer on the dark red spot on my left cheek. No point in trying to cover up the rest. I just need my skin to not feel or look too dry. If I'm spotty - whatever. It's not the first thing you notice on my face. I will just use powder to lessen the redness I have and make sure I don't look too oily. I'm not so concerned with the scarring at the moment. Plus I'm going to the derm so he might as well see my face without makeup.


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