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Nothing to really update about, still clear (as expected) except for a little sore spot on my chin, and a tiny red mark on my cheek is very tender today, so i'm not sure if its coming back, or if its just gonna get a little whitehead and go away (happens a lot with my spots since starting BP for some reason, its like it goes dormant and randomly gets a head for no reason)

Uhh what else...

Nothing really skin wise, flakes seem to be getting a little more aggressive lately, or maybe its just today, and my skin feels dryer than usual, so i'll try adding olive oil into the eucerin, or even applying a layer of cetaphil lotion over it, since eucerin isn't very moisturizing at all.

Speaking of eucerin, whenever i apply it (i dab it on my cheeks, forehead, chin and nose and spread it around) it seems to...separate? like it turns into little globs of milky-looking water on my skin, i think it just doesn't like olive oil, but theres a couple oils in the moisturizer itself, so i don't see how it would separate like that? its really annoying because no matter how many times i run my fingers over it, it doesn't want to absorb, so i end up wiping the excess off with my fingers.

Also the first time i used it, it burned pretty bad, but the second time (and all the times after that) i can't feel it at all, it just turns my face a pinkish red color. Weird.


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