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Complete Accutane LOG



Hello everyone. The day I started accutane I kept copious notes on my computer. I will post the long version and the abridged version (for those who don't have the attention span.)

I am a young woman, 27, 110 lbs, with mild acne, but very persistent (on face.) My back was another story. It was moderate and VERY persistant, itchy and painful. I didn't realize how bad either one was until it was gone.

I went off accutane today, and I will note my progress as all my side effects wear off. Please refer to the next entries for my log.

Products I used:

For months 1-3 I used Dan's cleanser, cetaphil moisturizing cream, oil of olay complete for sensitive skin (for sunscreen), aquaphor for lips. (It's the only thing that works.) I also used vaseline on my lips for a night treatment, and put aquaphor in my nose for the dryness there. Also, I took a LOT of ibuprofen for the muscle aches and pains.

For months 4&5: I did everything I mentioned in months 1-3 except I added The Body Shop passion fruit cleansing gel...I mix it in with Dan's cleanser.

-OH and for the dry, flaky, ITCHY scalp I used JASON scalp normalizing shampoo. It's a miracle!!! HEad and shoulders did nothing for me.


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