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Week 8



I know I'm writing 2 days early but I just have alot to say lol

So I did a lot of changing what I put on my face, how I wash my face and just everyday tasks.


Currently I have not one pimple on my face (knock on wood, oh jeez lol) I used to wash my face with Dove plus moisturizer, NO GOOD! Not for my face. My boyfriend had Irish Spring bar soap in the shower and I used it for a few days and I have not one more cyst. I have had I think 3 small whiteheads in the last 2 weeks. I do not wash my face at night anymore and I also DO NOT use any on the spot acne treatment. I was using Neutrogena Benzoyl that is "recommended" here, but DON'T on accutane, atleast if you have the same skin as me (oily). If I do have a spot that I feel coming, I put a tiny dab of the Proactiv Face Mask and keep it on there overnight. My derm gave me Cerave PM moisturizer that I use every morning (yes I am aware that it says PM, and I use it in the morning.. it still works just fine.) I put it sparingly on my chin and upperlip, where ever it feels or looks dry/cracky. I'm not sure if it's from my derm lowering my dose 20mg a day or if its from my soap but I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing lol. I definitely know that my chin is SO much better now because of the dosage. I just remember how it felt like a big scap. Cetaphil didn't do anything for my face, the cream or the lotion.

Side Effects:

I'm still having joint aches. I was doing some flips in the grass (I used to cheer for college) and my ankles HURT afterwards. I can deal with the aches sometimes, I am just used to them. Somedays are worse than others though. I can't go an hour without putting aquaphor on. I have one everywhere I go, in my car, at work, the bathroom, my bedroom. I still wash my hair every other day. I use Tresemme, it has protein in it and I heard that helps your hair from falling out. (I don't know it could be a lie, but who knows lol) I use Jergens lotion in the morning because my skin looks dry in the morning.

All in all:

I'm really happy with where I am at right now. 30mg in the morning and 30mg at night so 60mg a day, I think thats where I should be. My face isn't oily, and my hair isn't oily. I can go outside without makeup on and feel like people are looking at ME and not my acne. I think I am going to do a month session of tanning (thanksgiving, christmas, newyears) they're all in the same time frame. If my skin starts to react then I'll stop immediately, but I think that it's doing really well. I'll write in a week!

xox Steph

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Cant wait till im at your stage seems like a long way off right now though. Love hearing about the success that accutane brings so nice to hear it is working well for you...have an ace day :-

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