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Week 2 on Accutane!



So it's been 2 weeks on Accutane 10mg. 1 month since I started blogging and I'm happier than I've been in a long time. My skin has significantly improved in texture and the amount of active acne I have is reduced. My skin is starting to get drier but only really in the areas where I have active acne. Skin is less oily. Last night and this morning all I did was splash cool water on my skin and my skin is fine. Less itchy than it was before. Using 'cetaphil' gentle cleanser for face and 'original source' mint and tea-tree shower gel for the body, love both of these products, not using anything other than that to cleanse with. And keeping it simple has helped, I believe in being as gentle as possible with the skin, acne is a problem that comes from the inside the skin not outside and you can't simply scrub it away, I've tried... plenty of times! Leaving the skin to heal on its own is sometimes the best way to go, at least it has been for me over the past 2 weeks. Using a lot of lip balm. My back and back of neck are the worse areas right now. I've broken out with more cysts than when I started! But nobody can see that anyway so not letting it bother me too much.

I didn't really expect any significant improvement after 2 weeks so I'm ecstatic that progress has been so amazing. Hope next two weeks will see more improvement.

Took a personal day for myself from College and feel refreshed now, was starting to feel more socailly anxious than usual so just rested for the day. I just sleep for a while when I get too overwhelmed.

Peace Goldmund


Thats awesome that you are seeing results. Love reading peoples good new make you feel like there is hope keep up the good work dude

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Good luck to you monkeeeeeeee. Thanks for reading my blog. Hope all go's well for you Haz, will be keeping track of your blog :-

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