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I can't believe she said that to me.



Hi again,

Watching Conan...I don't know why because I don't really think he's that funny, but I think the commercials he was doing to advertise his show were pretty funny so I though I'd tune in. Oh well...I shouldn't be up this late anyway xD

So I pretty much had like the worst experience ever (OK, maybe it wasn't that bad...the world is still turning) I was at the store buying my groceries when I passed a little girl and her mother and as I passed the little girl said "Mommy, that girl has a polka dot face."................ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Thanks a lot little girl. I can't blame her...she was probably like 6 years old. Wow, did that make me feel awful...I wanted to cry, but I was in the store so I just got out of there as soon as I could and didn't even finish my shopping. So sick of this acne. I suffer from severe acne or nodular acne and have suffered for many years...since middle school. I'm in college now and no longer a teenager so needless to say it's just a little more embarrassing.

I will be starting Accutane in a week!!! I cannot wait!! Next Tuesday can't come any sooner! I will be on Accutane and I'll be home for Thanksgiving which is even more exciting because I miss my family and my dog!

I should sleep, I have class at 8am (boo, what a drag...) Maybe I should post more about my acne trials and tribulations in future blogs...share my stories with others.

Wishing everyone a good night or good morning from wherever you may be and remember to keep your head held high :wub:

Bye bye!


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