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Week 27, Day 6



Hey everyone,

Well, it hasn't been so long since the last update, but I'm bored at work and have nothing else to do. So here I am.

Skin: Still no pimples. Rockin'. Well, I actually got a freak zit on the back of my neck, but I really don't give a shit. It's not a sign to come because my back still looks flawless, smooth and even... again, I cannot emphasize enough how my back used to be SO BAD; even before Japan I always had a few spots around my bra strap hooks. THIS IS STILL NOVEL TO ME, PEOPLE-- MY BACK IS PERFECT. PERFECT. TANK TOPS, SPAGHETTI STRAPS, BEING NAKED, ANYTHING!!!! Oh, and my chest is still 100% blemish free and my red marks fading. They barely register to me anymore and, in a way, I kind of like them. In a much more accurate way, I still want them gone 100%, haha.

My face: I probably have 3 miniscule clogged pores but they seem to be going away. Again, to even elaborate on these things is pointless because they are NOTHING. This is seriously imperceptible shit here, and I don't really care. If my acne was going to come back it would have already... and besides, they're so small that even my OCD self doesn't care. My face with just a tad of concealer looks really fucking good-- again, better than normal people's skin-- and I'm so grateful that my complexion is so nice.

I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again that my skin, when it's clear, is really beautiful (and hey, I'm allowed to say it because it's my damn blog!). On the surface that sounds like a dumb thing to say, like everyone's skin is pretty when it's clear, and while that's true to a degree it's not completely accurate. Some people have a beautiful, glowing complexion and others don't. I don't have enlarged pores, blackheads, or a ruddy complexion. The undertones are a light pink on my cheeks and the rest is a consistent, even white. I used to not like being pale but now I kinda do... I think the color of my skin is pretty and I'm so happy that it's looking so nice.

Again, I never moisturized before I started DKR nearly 6 full months ago (the anniversary is on Thursday) and I think that alone has done wonders for my skin complexion. The BP kills the zits, and the gentle cleansing and moisturizing (and jojoba, IMO) even out your skin and make it incredibly soft and smooth.

I dunno what it is, but when I get out of the shower my face is extremely pale with NO red marks whatsoever. It used to be that my face got really RED in the shower, but now it doesn't... and I take extremely hot showers and always have (sorry, not going to make that sacrifice for my skin, haha). In the morning my skin looks flawless too. In fact, my red marks only show up when I put on BP and especially moisturizer (of which I've heard jojoba is the culprit, but whatever, fuck that, I need jojoba) and as the day wears on. Maybe I should drink more water... I sort of stopped that when it got cold.

Anyway, this got long and I didn't say anything interesting, as usual. Skin is still fantastic...

I'll end with this: I got really depressed last winter here in Japan for myriad reasons, but probably for the following-- homesickness, my ex-boyfriend (but really it's complicated) with whom I broke up because I moved to Japan and NOT because of us having problems started dating someone (she stopped calling him, yay), there is no heat/insulation in Japan, Japanese people can be incredibly cold, and because of my terrible, horrible, freak cystic acne breakout. It's hard to judge what really sent me over the edge but I think it was acne... it made me feel even less attractive when my former BF started trying to move on from me, it made me feel even more isolated, it made me resent Japan even more (since I never had skin problems like this before moving here). Approaching winter this year seems like it should be a lot harder than it has been so far and that's because my skin is so nice. Every time I got undressed last winter I'd cringe and loathe myself, and now... I think I'm attractive again.

There, I said it.


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It's always refreshing reading successful acne stories. It makes me feel good and makes me more certain that there will be an end to my own suffering. I've always wanted to go to Japan, mostly because of what I see on TV haha :- Hopefully I'll get the chance to go someday. Best of luck in everything you do :)

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Lucky you! My skin condition's been troubling me for 3 months till now, haha. and I'm on my 2nd month on BP now I should say. but everytime I wanna stop trying coz the results are so slow and I really hate avoiding personal contact, but you always pop up in my head and I'll say: She did it, and you can too. Thanks, glew for this blog, very inspiring~

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