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Day 20



My face felt awesome today! Usually my face is sooo oily and nasty but it stayed super matte all day long. I LOVED IT! I absoluteleeey loved it, I can't even described how much it made me happy! This morning I put on my makeup and in the afternoon usually I "dab" my face with the oil sheets but today I did not have to do that, and when I got home around 5 it still looked the same... and even right now too, its 8. Its great:) I hope my face will continue to be matte looking even after accutane... hmm... I Hope. does anybody have experience with reduced oil production AFTER tane?

Anyway, my lips weren't that dry today, my skin was a little dry around my mouth but it didn't bother me much. Eyes are feeling fine. At school I had a massive headache and had to lay down when I got home, but I think thats 'cuz school stresses me out and gives me a headache! :wub:

Okay, well I hope I do this well on 60 mg in a few days. I'm hoping to see my derm next week but with Thanksgiving going on next week I think the derm office will be closed :whistle: so I might be a few days without this stuff, that kinda frustrates me cause I don't want to keep pushing my appts back, I want them to be exac. Lol.

If anyone ever wants to talk, feel free to email or text me! :pray:


Wow, already feeling changes on day 20?! That's great! I'll be starting Accutane in a week! I can't wait!!! I'm so tired of this acne. I hope it continues to work for you :-

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that's so awesome! I hope you do great on it, I'm sure you will. Its not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I'm tired of acne too, its emotionally draining and has affected me so much. do you know how many mg they will start you out with? how would you describe your acne? anyways, keep me updated. :-

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