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It's been awhile...



So if there is anyone out there that actually reads my blogs, I apologize that it has taken me so long to post! It's been a busy couple of months for me.

To update you; I have been doing the regimen religiously and have come upon my second month with about 5 pretty big pimples. They aren't cysts, but they are big...nodules? I guess that would be the right word for it. The good thing is, they are starting to go away, the bad thing is they are annoying and unsightly. However, I was looking at pictures I took of my face pre-regimen and I am so thankful for how much it has cleared up as compared to what it used to look like.

So other than that, I am pretty bugged because I ordered more BP and Dan's Jojoba oil. I selected flat rate shipping and he sent it priorty which was so nice, but I wasn't home Saturday when it was supposed to be delivered and the stupid mail person wouldn't leave the package because apparently my signature is required so...instead of getting it Saturday like I'd hoped...I have to wait till today (crossing my fingers :wub: ) for it to be delivered. I am not home again today so I had to sign that little slip and I am just sincerely hoping they will leave my package...I am dangerously low in BP. I have back up from the store, but it's so white and chalky....Dan's is so much smoother and easier to rub in. Anyway, somehow that ended up sounding really dirty...LOL :whistle:

So here's to hoping that these large, obnoxious pimples on my face go away soon along with the PIH from previous acne! I am going to try and get on here more often to update...

Thanks for reading! :pray:


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