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still not on Accutane / but this is what happened today...



one of the many reasons why i am scared of Accutane is i have heard it can get worse while on it. there is someone i really like that lives abroad and is coming in 1 month time, and i was thinking i didnt want to use Accutane and look like a mess if he's gonna be here.

however, my friend really messed things up on facebook today (really long story) and ruined things for me. so i think i don't even want to see this guy anymore. or at least he shouldnt be a reason not to start with the treatment immediately.



I hate facebook too everyone knows everyone else shit. I got rid of my account and it was very liberating and know I actually have something to say to my friends because I dont know what type of undies they are wearing or what they had for breakfast lol. Best thing I ever did but it was totally like giving up an addiction ha ha.I think you should give accutane a go. I think everyone is scared before they start because you really dont know what sort of side effects you are going to get but the other side to it and what I keep telling my self is that, you might end up with the best skin ever. Good luck <3

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well i should delete fb. i have some connections i know i will lose if i delete it so thats why i am having trouble with it. i have disabled all contents from being public (even to friends) and so basically now all that is visible is my bday, 1 profile picture and my status lol...i admire you for not having a facebook account anymore.btw i am following on ur accutane journey... gosh i need to call my derm with my decision. so tough... will probably do that wednesday. so i have 1 more day to think it through.

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