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Okay I've read through some other posts where people didn't give up on the regimen even after weeks of dryness and discomfort. I have weird, dark, leathery dry areas under my lips that an't really be hidden with makeup. I'm not going to apply BP there at least not twice a day, probably just at night. I will continue to put it on the rest of my face twice a day. I should give it 3 months at least. Even though I look pretty bad, IF this regimen does work then I should tough it out for a month or two...I don't know if BP works for everyone but some people in the gallery have tamed their skin from BP. Mine isn't even as bad as most of their's. I have one small pimple on my left cheek near my cheekbone/ear. It's definitely a period pimple. I don't mind the size of it to be honest it's pretty small.

I'm on my 2nd tube of BP now. My skin feels so....thin? It feels so sensitive and thin these days. I wash with a gentle cleanser, let my skin dry out for like 1-3 minutes, then apply BP. It STINGS a lot. Then it dries up, stinging calms down, I apply moisturizer (for dry skin from Eucerin, love it) and it stings again! It takes quite a while for me to have calm skin. At least 45 minutes, I think. Which means I have to get up 45 minutes earlier to go to work or school =(

I haven't been taking my internal supplements. Ugh. I think I am getting sick because it's hard to swallow when I'm eating or drinking.

Oh and I'm thinking I might not need to apply BP on my forehead. I don't get pimples there. Sometimes there's a bit of redness/those tiny red dots that are not pimples but I don't think I've actually ever had pimples there besides from highschool. In highschool I only had pimples on my nose (never had pimples on my nose any more for years) and sometimes on my forehead or chin.


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