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Short intro:

Hi, i am a 27 year old female, and i have had acne since i was about 20/21... never a single spot or zit or ANYTHING before that. I remember i was seeing a guy that had acne at the time, really bad (worse than mine has ever been) and i wanted to make a horrible comment because he was starting to annoy me: he was complaining about acne and i said "we've all been thru that" when i hadn't, really. I just wanted him to say "you had acne too?" and i'd say "well, not me, i never had a zit". I never told him that, but sometimes I think because I had that mean thought, that's why I got acne...

I have been on most antibiotics, some didn't take any effect, some did but i was never 100% clear skin. After several years of no results my dermatologist suggested me to go on accutane. i didn't accept, i was too scared. My acne has never been TOO bad... yes i have all kinds of acne but my face is not covered or anything at all... and so I though Accutane wasn't for me.

When I ran away from Accutane (and my derm), I saw another derm (the best in my city) and she gave me birth control pills / Diane 35. Took them for 2 years and my skin was pretty decent but never perfect (but pretty good i must say, can't complain).

I stopped taking it and immediately broke out again. This was 3 months ago. I started doing the regimen, and hasn't worked either. My new dermatologist suggested me to go on Accutane. Again i was too scared and i am now on antibiotics but i am realizing it is not helping and probably never will, like before.

I have 1 week left of antibiotics and so this week i need to call her and tell her if i have finally decided to take accutane.

I blame my eating habits, my touching my face... but are these really the reasons??? i don't even know anymore. i dont know if i want to keep waiting, how many more months, waiting for some miracle cure...

If anyone reads this and wants to give me your thoughts, i'd appreciate that.

I'll post again when i call my dermatologist with my decision...


Hi!My story is somewhat like yours. Except I'm 17 and I started having acne young lol. I tried everything and antibiotics also and birth control and was too scared to go on accutane because I felt my acne wasn't thaaat bad. Birth control for me,like you, helped but I did not get 100% clear skin. When I stopped birth control I broke out like crazy, of course because hormones adjust. But I finally went on accutane last year at this date I believe..wow or November 16 2009. I took it until June 1st 2010 and it was my miracle drug. It's good that you are cautious before taking this drug though. I took it because my acne continued to get worse and I had persistent acne for 6 years or so. Nothing worked for me besides accutane. I have been off accutane for 5 months now and my skin continued to get clear and maintained clear just by washing my face morning and night. I would get a small break out here and there which is usually before my period. But for the past few weeks I've been getting small blemishes scattered everywhere basically. If I ask someone they say they don't see anything, but Idk..once you have clear skin and you get a couple of pimples it gets you nervous..so I'm calling my derm tomorrow..Anyways, sorry for the life story. I hope if you do start it works great for you and your skin is clear!!! Everyone is different and it's up to you to take the risk. As long as your not going to get pregnant and follow the rest of the rules you should be fine.. unless your allergic to something of course. Good luck! Oh yeah, I think like that also( eating habits etc)Acne isn't all about those things...It's more about your oil glands and whatnot..Of course maintaining a healthy diet and not picking your face helps your skin but sometimes it's just not enough.I wish you the best.

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i appreciate your comment... i think getting acne again after the treatment would be really scary. i am also scared of how worse i can get during the treatment... but i think there might be no other solution and i would like to get over with this problem

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